JET BLACK High Power Extreme Bars

High Power Output!
Edgeless Lens. Hooded Dark Reflectors. Built with latest technology and equipped with internal Temperature Control System for ultimate high power output.

120W / 10,080lm Raw – 6,600lm Effective

Part ID NJ13
Watts 120W
Lumens 10,080lm Raw / 6,600lm Effective
LUX @ 10m 3,666lx
Beam Combo
IP Rating IP67
Chip Type 5W German OSRAM
Colour Temperature 5,700K – Daylight
Amp. Draw 7.73A
Voltage Range 10-30V DC



High Power Output – Edgeless Design
Internal Temperature Control System (TCS) for Maximum Output
This bar was built using latest advancements in technology, such as its edgeless lens and hooded dark reflectors. Besides giving this bar a modern sleek look, beam control is improved, and the built-in TCS allows for high power output without the risk of overheating. Compared to our original Rider series bar, the LUX reading of this bar at 10m is 680% higher!

Go Brighter!
JET BLACK Extreme Series Light Bars come with complete wiring kit, dual mounting system (side and rear sliding brackets) and hardware. A black lens cover to avoid fines when driving on the highway is also included.